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Project Leaders

Dr Jasmine Rijnbout 

BPsySc (Hons) PhD AMAPS

Jasmine is a Registered Psychologist and workplace consultant who is passionate about developing leadership capability and wellbeing at work, with a driving ambition to empower and advance women in leadership.

Jasmine has over 10 years’ experience facilitating leadership and team development, change management, and organisational health interventions, consulting across public and private sectors, including health, transport, education, mining, finance, and law.

With a background in conflict management and team cohesion, Jasmine brings a strong people focus to her coaching and development framework. She has published numerous papers on the topic and presented at conferences within Australia and internationally, including the Aspiring Women Leaders’ Summit.

When she’s not working with leaders you can find her combing through book stores for sci-fi, or planning her next holiday in the snow, where she dreams of writing her own novel by the fireside.

Dr Tammy White

BJ BA (Hons – Psych) DPsyc(Clin) MAPS CCLP

Tammy is a Clinical Psychologist and management consultant who has 10 years of extensive experience working across a broad variety of community and organisational settings improving staff wellbeing and organisational outcomes.

Tammy has worked extensively internationally and domestically with private and public organisations specialising in workforce wellbeing support interventions and training, workforce and culture advisory, workshop facilitation and training, executive coaching, workplace investigation and complex people risk advice.

Tammy has a special interest developing leadership capability, high performance teams and has extensive experience consulting on a range of leadership, change management, and organisational health interventions across health, community organisations, and local council.

Tammy is particularly passionate about empowering emerging female leaders both professionally and also with sustainable wellbeing tools.

Tammy is as a mum of one two-legged human, and one four-legged fur-child, and when not saving the world through leadership development loves to travel with her family, and volunteer in her local community.


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